• Via 42 Martiri, 26 - 28831 Feriolo di Baveno (VB)

Mount Camoscio

Mount Camoscio

Mount Camoscio 150 150 Camping Conca d'Oro | Oasi di relax sul Lago Maggiore
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Get your trekking shoes ready: we’re off to conquer Mount Camoscio, the mountain that overlooks Baveno!

The path starts right from Baveno and goes through the marvelous chestnut wood up to the Stonemason’s Museum, a natural clearing with installations dedicated to the history of the mountain and to the traditional profession of “picasass”, an activity that has contributed to the notoriety of the territory and to the widespread significance that all this preserves in the heart of the population!

The famous pink granite of Baveno, in fact, is not only historically used in local construction but has gradually been the star of Italian and international architectural history. Sitting on the top of the mountain, in good company and under Alessandro’s guidance, we will chat, drink a glass of wine and enjoy a breathtaking view, ranging from the Val Grande to the palaces of Milan, framed by Lake Maggiore with its Borromean Islands.

Do not miss the trip to Mount Camoscio, check the dates on the calendar and come with us!

Camping Village Conca D’Oro and Natural Mind Professional make you discover the area stucked between Lake and mountains!

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  • Destination: Baveno (VB) – Lake Maggiore
  • Excursion recommended for families with children aged 12 & up
  • Difficulty: MEDIUM
  • Route: Baveno 270 m – Stonemason’s Museum – Mount Camoscio 890 m – Baveno
  • Picnic lunch
  • Overall distance: ca 7 km
  • Elevation gain: ca 650 m
  • Scheduled departure from Camping: 9:15 AM
  • Scheduled return to Camping: 5:30 PM


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