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Morissolo 150 150 Camping Conca d'Oro | Oasi di relax sul Lago Maggiore
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Follow Camping Village Conca D’Oro and Natural Mind Professional to Monte Morissolo: a walk in the footsteps of history is waiting for you!

From the heights of Verbania, in Piancavallo, we take the flat military path that takes its name from the General of the WWI Luigi Cadorna (born in Pallanza), which in the logic of the war of position and in view of a possible enemy attack from Switzerland then never occurred, he built a system of fortifications (mule tracks, trenches, artillery positions and logistics) between Lake Maggiore and Mount Massone.

It is along this perfectly preserved line of defense that the route to Mount Morissolo winds: a path surrounded by a lush and wild nature that culminates in one of the most panoramic points of our region, where the view sweeps from Mount Zeda, which rises from Val Grande, to Milan and to Locarno.

An exciting journey, balanced between past and present, all around Lake Maggiore and close to Val Grande: a unique opportunity to enjoy your vacation at Camping Village Conca D’Oro in an active and original way, with Alessandro and many other friends!

This is just one of the many excursions you can take part in! Check out the program and discover with us a whole world enclosed between lake and mountains!

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  • Destination: Piancavallo (VB), heights of Verbania – Lake Maggiore
  • Excursion recommended for families with children aged 4 & up
  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Route: Piancavallo 1,242 m – Mount Morissolino 1,410 m – Cima del Morissolo 1,311 m – Piancavallo
  • Picnic lunch
  • Overall distance: ca 7 km
  • Elevation gain: ca 300 m
  • Scheduled departure from Camping: 9:00 AM
  • Scheduled return to Camping: 5:30 PM


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