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Toce Waterfall

Toce Waterfall

Toce Waterfall 150 150 Camping Conca d'Oro | Oasi di relax sul Lago Maggiore
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What? You don’t know the Toce Waterfall? Don’t worry, we’ll take you there!

It is, in fact, a must see of our region which Alessandro can’t wait to show you!
We depart for Val Formazza, among the Ossola valleys, the one located more northward, close to the border with Switzerland! It is precisely here, in the locality Frua located at an altitude of 1,675 meters, that the Toce waterfall, with its 143-meter leap, steals the scene from the surrounding landscape.

From the wooden footbridge overhanging the void, you’ll be so close you’ll be able to touch the water spouts with your hand while safely enjoying the view from above! It is amazing that the water that flows creating this spectacular jump is the same which we find downstream, in the placid and tame River Toce, flowing right next to Camping Village Conca D’Oro.

After a lunch with a view and a relaxing break in good company, the excursion starts again in direction of Riale, an ancient village of Walser origin at an altitude of 1,740 meters: through the narrow streets of the village, in the midst of huts and barns of the nineteenth century, just close your eyes and breathe deeply to feel immediately transported to another era.

Make your vacation active and follow Conca D’Oro and Natural Mind Professional around the lake and mountains!

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  • Destination: Cascata del Toce (VB) – Val Formazza
  • Excursion recommended for families with children aged 6 & up
  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Route: Sotto Frua 1,502 m – Toce Waterfall – La Frua 1,681 m
  • Picnic lunch
  • Overall distance: ca 3 km
  • Elevation gain: ca 200 m
  • Scheduled departure from Camping: 9:45 AM
  • Scheduled return to Camping: 5:30 PM


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