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Lake of Paione

Lake of Paione

Lake of Paione 2560 1920 Camping Conca d'Oro | Oasi di relax sul Lago Maggiore

The valley of 100 waterfalls, has three sources of pure water:
get ready, we’re off to Val Bognanco!  The excursion to the lake Paione is a must among the trips through the Ossola valleys!

This lake at an altitude of 2,000 meters seems to be calling hikers and promising them refreshment and coolness, thanks to its crystal-clear waters to which it is not possible to resist.

The uphill path does not pose any particular difficulty, in the midst of beautiful larch trees and cushions of blooming rhododendron, as it is well marked and easy to follow.

From the nature reserve of Camping Village Conca D’Oro to the 2000 meters of Lake Paione the step is short, very short indeed! Come with us! Leave from the Camping under the guidance of Alessandro, who’s always ready to accompany you along the path with many stories and curiosities!


  • Destination: Upper Val Bognanco
  • Excursion recommended for families with children aged 10 & up
  • Difficulty: MEDIUM
  • Route: Alpe San Bernardo 1,628 m – Alpe Paione 1,800 m – Lago di Paione 2,000 m – Alpe San Bernardo 1,628 m
  • Picnic lunch
  • Overall distance: ca 9 km
  • Elevation gain: ca 500 m
  • Scheduled departure from Camping: 8:45 AM
  • Scheduled return to Camping: 5:30 PM


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